10 Ways to Benefit from Webcasting and Streaming

Lots of companies have already started using webcasting and streaming tools to spread their influence and get the most out of their events, meetings, messages and various marketing activities.

Depending on the sphere your business operates within, you can leverage live streaming and on-demand videos in different ways:

– provide your customers, partners and employees with up-to-date information and trainings on your services and products

– organize promotional campaigns

– spread your announcements and messagges in real-time

– inform the public about your events

Streaming is the best solution when you need an economical and effective tool to reach large audiences, which are spread geographically, with your messagges and events.

Introducing Streaming and Webcasting technology into your company, you can get lots of benefits.

Here is a list of just some of them:

Extended audience: Webcasting gives you an opportunity to reach anyone at a distance; all you need is an Internet connection. As a result, you will considerably increase your audience and facilitate access to your information and events.

Reduced expences: Using web streaming, you will significantly reduce all the costs typical for a traditional event, such as travelling, accomodation, meals, and others.

Bigger profits: Webcasting will improve productivity of your employees and will help you reach more customers. It will also accelerate decision-making processes in your company and will reduce the time and effort required for your services and products promotion and selling.

Staying in touch with your audience: Thanks to web streaming, you will manage to communicate with your online audience as if it was present in the same room. The server can be also set up so that people following your event from all over the world can ask questions and receive answers in real time. You can also control participants’ activity, obtaining useful marketing data.

Ecological friendliness: Being eco-friendly is not only a good competitive advantage, but also the right thing to do. Replacing traditional events with webcasting, you reduce the environmental footprint of your business.

High quality: Your brodcasts will always provide your audience with a high-quality audio and video experience.

Convenience: Viewers can connect to web streaming events wherewer they are. Presenters can also deliver from all over the world.

More content: When webcasting, you can also use various presentation and multimedia tools.

Bigger outreach: Your streaming events do not depend on the signal strength like, for example, information delivered by means of radio broadcasting.