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A survey reveals that private cloud is the preferred solution among IT managers of large companies from all over Europe.

The survey included a total of 600 respondents chosen among top managers of IT companies, which have over a thousand employees and operate in various economic sectors. The countries covered by the survey are the UK (200 respondents), France (100), Germany (100), Italy (100), Spain (100), Belgium (30), Netherlands (30).

On-Premise Hosting

Among those who have adopted the cloud, on-premise hosting is the second-best solution. In on-premise hosting option, connectivity, hardware and software are installed onto the company’s server farm and it is 100% responsible for all of them. In Europe 26% of companies choose this option (20% in Italy), while a significant number of companies (17% in Europe, 16% in Italy) choose the so-called hybrid approach, which combines both private and public cloud computing. Companies that have a client for management of multiple Communication Service Providers prefer hybrid and private cloud.

Public Cloud

Only 11% of European companies chose public cloud, the last-place ranking solution. In Italy the trend is almost identical (10%), while in Belgium the share reaches 17%. Besides, Belgian companies show a strong propensity for the hybrid solution (23%), and the country is followed by the UK (22%), while Italy stops on 16%.

Sector Analysis

TSome interesting insights emerge from the analysis of different economic sectors. The hybrid cloud solution is popular among companies operating in Business and Consumer Services (30%) and IT/Computer Services (21%). The propensity toward this solution is much lower among companies from the Utilities Sector: only 3% of them pick it. The private cloud solution triumphs in the Banking Sector (52%) and Finance (50%). The most resistant to cloud is the Public Administration sector, which still prefers on-premise hosting (52%).

Security and Privacy

So, companies trust private cloud solutions and on-premise hosting, while they are still suspicious about public cloud. This resistance can be explained by their concerns related to the service security and privacy. In fact, among the main challenges for a more widespread diffusion of public cloud computing European companies name the following: safety and security (62% in Europe, 47% in Italy) and data privacy laws (48% in Europe, 44% in Italy).

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