May 2014

SMART introduces new line of interactive flat panels. SMART Technologies announced just recently the SMART Board 6065 Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) for education. This is the first in a new line of SMART Board IFP’s, offering improved image quality and new ease of use features. The units measure 65 inches (165 cm) diagonally, include ultra-HD 4K resolution, and the company says they provide crisp, bright images for all learners in a classroom regardless of angle of the display or distance from it.

Polycom: Shrinking its Way to Profitability. Polycom reported total revenues in Q1 of $329 million, down 3% from Q1 a year ago, with GAAP net loss of $4M compared to $2M in Q1 of 2013. Group videoconferencing systems represented 36% of total group revenues, up from 26% last quarter. Polycom’s latest generation of group videoconferencing systems have slightly lower prices than the previous generation, but higher gross margins, which is good news for Polycom’s profitability. Cisco has discontinued its audio relationship with Polycom. So Polycom no longer sells conference phones to
 Cisco. Polycom reported an 8% decline in these conference call systems, but commented that the year-over-year decline would have been just 5% if not counting the Cisco business. These quarterly comparisons with and without Cisco will undoubtedly continue for the rest of 2014.

Huawei recently launched IMAX® Presence, the new generation panoramic HD video conferencing system.

The Microsoft acquisition of Nokia’s devices and business services is now official.