Social impact of videoconferencing

Joinconferencing supports Mani Tese NGO.

Milan, 10.03.2014 – Joinconferencing inaugurates its partnership with Mani Tese, a historical Italian NGO, to support the organization with its latest videoconferencing  technologies. The company, leader in the Italian market for conferencing, will donate to Mani Tese some of the best services available in the market, helping the association to communicate with its members, volunteers and activists all around the country, as well as stay in touch with those involved in Mani Tese development and cooperation programs in 17 countries around the world including those  of Africa, Asia e Latin America. In particular, Joinconferencing will provide the NGO with two virtual JOINVIDYO meeting rooms. JOINVIDYO is an innovative HD videoconferencing service, boasting professional audio and video quality and accessibility from computers, tablets and smartphones. Now the staff of Mani Tese, an organization that this year celebrates its 50th anniversary, can share remote files and presentations, interact in voice and video, as well as organize meetings anywhere, reducing transfer time and costs, and decreasing at the same time CO2 emissions.

With this partnership we intend to support one of the oldest Italian NGOs and give this important third sector organization an opportunity to enjoy videoconferencing benefits: saved time, reduced costs, being more environmentally friendly due to reduced CO2 emissions, and an opportunity to communicate face to face with colleagues and partners around the world. The latter has a double value for a non-profit organization, as it aims to bring people and nations, who represent different languages and cultures, closer together,”, says Emo Maracchia, Marketing Manager at Joinconferencing.

Mani Tese relies on a vast network of associations, volunteers and members all over the Italian territory. There are twenty our volunteer groups in different cities, such as Milan, Bologna, Rome, Palermo and Cagliari”, says Valerio Bini, Chairman of Mani Tese. “It’s our strong point, but at the same time it’s a challenge, as we have to keep in contact and  coordinate our work at a distance. Thanks to videoconferencing we can do it easier, without having to move, and reducing our environmental impact”.

JOINVIDYO is a colud-based hd videoconferencing service provided by JoinConferencing, a leading Italian company in the European conferencing market.

Mani Tese è was founded to fight hunger and imbalances between the North and South of the world through cooperation projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, civil society mobilization and awareness raising, sustainability and solidarity economy experiences, volunteering and global citizenship education.

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