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Let’s look behind the scenes of video communication and discover the technical solutions that make it possible to organise a meeting in a virtual videoconferencing room.

Web conferencing is simple and complex at the same time. Simple, because to use it you just need to download software and join your meeting online with one simple click, even if your interlocutors are thousands of kilometres away. However, videoconferencing via web is also known to be a little more complex than that. Remote meeting technologies have evolved over time. Thanks to some technical solutions, in a virtual room is now possible to see and to listen to each other, share pictures and documents, as if you’re sitting at the same table. Let’s try to understand how they work.

Peripheral devices

To make a video call you need specific software and hardware. Let’s start from the necessary peripheral devices. Voices and images are captured by a microphone and by a webcam, which record and transmit audio-visual information to other hardware and software elements. These are the devices involved into input, i.e. they receive images and sounds. Meanwhile a monitor and a loudspeaker, which transmit video and audio sent by other participants, are output devices.

Data compression

To function properly, the webcam and the microphone use “invisible” assistants. In fact, if audio and video were transmitted in their original format, they would use a lot of bandwidth. In order to avoid it, the information needs to be compressed and then decompressed, without loosing its integrity. This work, subtle but essential, is done by special software and codecs that partially compress audio and video streaming. The compression process can involve losses of less important information, or can maintain the quality of the original audio and video data completely (lossless compression).

Echo cancellation

There is another invisible assistant that contributes to the success of a videoconference: echo cancellation software, which avoids that your own voice is played back through the headphones. Without this feature you would hear your voice in the headphones a few seconds after saying something. Echo cancellation software eliminates this problem making it easier to communicate.

Internet connection

Once compressed and decompressed, the data is sent to other web conference participants. In order for this transfer to be possible, a reliable Internet connection is needed. To establish and manage communication you should use appropriate protocols for data transmission over the Internet.

Why choose a professional service

Briefly, these are the mechanisms that allow you to connect to a videoconference, a service that is changing the way we work, helps companies to save both time and money, and offers them a competitive advantage, especially if they know how to use it to its full potential. To enjoy all the benefits of this reliable service, it is important to adopt it under the supervision of experienced technicians. Only a professional videoconferencing provider is able to ensure the quality and safety of the service and to offer 100% of videoconferencing benefits.

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