About Us

JOIN is the sole WSCP fully italian owned.

WSCP means: Worldwide Conferencing Service Provider for professional audio, video and web communication services: conference call, video conferencing, web conferencing and streaming.

We provide a complete suite of conferencing services: conference calls, web conferences, video conference, streaming and webinars. In other words, everything you need to make your meetings more productive.
Our conferencing services are always of the highest quality, easy to use, multi-device, cost effective and all available on the Internet.

Hundreds of companies, small, medium and large, are using our cloud-based conferencing services. Their business has grown because they embraced innovative collaborative technologies and new ways of working to seize new opportunities.


There are no boundaries in the global market. Our conference call, video and web conferencing services allow you to instantly meet with clients, colleagues, suppliers and partners who could be located anywhere in the world.


We provide cloud-based professional conferencing services, such as conference calls, video conferencing, web casting and video streaming. All services are accessible on normal PCs, tablets, smartphones and H.323 – SIP endpoints.


Our conferencing services are based on innovative, affordable and interoperable infrastructures located in Australia, the Philippines, Italy, India, UK and USA to provide the best audio and video quality anywhere in the world.


JOIN services are brought to you by an experienced management team with a wealth of technical know-how and many years in the unified communications business.

Our expertise in audio and video conferencing services is available to companies who are committed to meet the challenges of the global market.

Certified CSP

We proudly partner with several major Conferencing Provider as Vidyo (Certified CSP), Zoom (Official Referral), Arkadin (Certified Reseller), WEST (Official Reseller)

Our Mission

How would you like your ideal conference to be? High quality, economical, reliable?
Any conferencing service provider will tell you that they offer high quality, cheap and reliable services. 

But it’s not enough…

We will give you assistance when you need it.
The quality of a conference is not only in the technology used to deliver the service.
You can really appreciate the difference between a good conferencing service and an excellent conferencing service when things go wrong or when you need that extra special something.

Our multilingual operators are always at your disposal.
Just let them know what you need and they will do their very best to satisfy all your requirements


You need to organize a distance meeting… but what is the most appropriate service?
Conference call, video conference, web conference, web casting or streaming? Ask our experts, they will help you choose the right conferencing service for your needs. Our operators are ready and waiting to help you with audio and video remote assistance for any event that you need to organize.

Sharing, recording, storing, replaying, reviewing…
During an audio conference or a video conference you can share presentations, charts and documents. Audio and video conferences can be recorded and streamed.
Boards of directors, shareholder meetings, investor relations, budget quarterlies, training, education … And whenever you wish you can review or broadcast your events on the web.

Anyone can offer low prices. We take care of all your special needs.