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JOINVIDEO is an innovative cloud-based HD video conferencing service that will amaze you with its high definition video, crystal clear sound and simplicity of use on any device: personal computers, tablets, smartphones and dedicated video conferencing systems.

The best video conferencing service is the one that combines ease of use and professional audio and video quality. JOINVIDEO offers both: the ease of use of a web conference and the quality of a video conferencing room solution.

Day after day our customers enjoy the quality of our JOINVIDEO video conference service, which gives them an opportunity to have "face to face" meetings with colleagues, customers and partners, to discuss and to collaborate as if they were in the same room.


Vidyo Certified Conferencing Service Provider


with our "30 day money back guarantee"

If you are not completely satisfied with our service you can cancel within 30 days and we will reimburse you for the full amount.

Professional video conference for everyone
logo-vidyoJOINVIDEO offers everyone from large companies down to individual professionals access to a cloud-based High Definition Vidyo videoconferencing infrastructure, which can be accessed via xDSL Internet connections. Supported operating systems for PC’s are Windows, Mac and Linux with iOS and Android for mobile devices such as tablets (i.e. iPad) and smartphones (i.e. iPhone). There are a wide range of endpoints to choose from for your video conferencing rooms which will cater for any requirement for group video meetings and even includes Telepresence..
HD video conference over Internet and Personal Telepresence
Thanks to Vidyo’s technology which is based entirely on the H.264 SVC codec, even a simple PC turns into a real Telepresence station with HD video resolution up to Ultra HD 4K. By using innovative algorithms for dynamic optimization of performance based on the available bandwidth and CPU power, each participant will have the best videoconferencing experience possible.
Easy to use video conferencing
By simply entering your username and password on your JOINVIDEO service portal you’ll get immediate access to your videoconference meeting room. All you have to do to start your video conference is simply click on the connect button. During the meeting you can also chat with other participants, share documents, presentations and in fact the entire desktop and any other applications which are open.
H.323/SIP and ISDN compatibility
JOINVIDEO is perfectly compatible with any H.323 / SIP / ISDN standard video conferencing endpoint available on the market. For audio only access you can dial in from any telephone and be connected directly into the videoconference.
Video conference security and privacy
JOINVIDEO supports the use of entry and moderator PIN codes which can be modified for each video conference in order to protect your data from unauthorized access. Privacy options are available which allow you to control the videoconference by muting audio and turning off video at any time during the conference.
Video conference recording and streaming
JOINVIDEO video conferences can be recorded either on DVD or downloaded and viewed later for the benefit of people who didn’t manage to attend the meeting but are interested in viewing later.
Event Management
For particularly important events or videoconferences which may involve the use of professional AV equipment, our skilled technical staff are at your disposal to make sure your conference is run smoothly and professionally.


  • Annual flat-fee subscription
  • No hardware or software to install on your company’s servers
  • HD video resolution up to Ultra HD 4K
  • Integrated use of H.264 SVC codec
  • Dynamic optimization of performance based on available bandwidth and CPU capacity
  • Superior video quality with smooth natural movements
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Personalization of video layout
  • Mute mode and video privacy mode
  • Instant Messaging
  • Data and application sharing
  • One-to-one video calls in HD
  • Multi party HD video conferences with up to 100 participants or end-points
  • Service can be used on PCs, tablets, smartphones and room systems
  • Video client software for Windows and Mac is automatically installed on your first access of the service portal
  • Apps for iOS and Android can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play
  • Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems for PC, iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones
  • Secure video conferences with PIN access and lock meeting room functions
  • Full video conference management control interface
  • Wide range of appliances for video conference rooms and telepresence
  • Fully compatible with H.323, SIP and ISDN videoconferencing systems
  • Recording and streaming of video conferences
  • "Lecture Mode": all participants except the hosts are automatically muted as they join the video conference


Which devices can be used for the cloud-based video conferencing service?
JOINVIDEO is a cloud-based videoconferencing service which can be used on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and group video conferencing systems (endpoints) supporting H.323, SIP and H.320-ISDN standard protocols. JOINVIDEO is based on Vidyo™ technology and we have compiled a list of recommended peripherals which are supported by Vidyo™ for use with a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. Click here for the list of supported webcams, headsets and speakerphones that work best for your particular video conferencing device.
What operating systems does the video conferencing client support?
On PCs and laptops, the video conference client (VidyoDesktop) supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. VidyoDesktop software will be automatically installed when you first log into the JOINVIDEO portal.
Where can I download video conferencing applications for tablets and smartphones?
There is a free VidyoMobile video conferencing application both for iOS and Android operating systems. The app for iPad and iPhone can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the app for Android devices can be downloaded from Google Play.
What are the minimum performance requirements for my PC or tablet?
There are no strict requirements for your PC because the central system, which provides JOINVIDEO video conferencing service, adjusts to the processing capability of individual devices. Obviously, the more powerful a PC is, especially its CPU, the better the video conferencing quality will be. However, we recommend the following minimum requirements: Pentium 4 processor, 1GB RAM, 40MB of free disk space. Medium requirements are: Core 2 Duo 2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 40MB of free disk space. The best configuration for HD video conferencing is: Core i5 2.4 GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 40MB of free disk space.
What are the recommended audio devices for PC video conferencing?
If the video conference involves only one person, a headset with integrated microphone, like the ones used for Skype will be good enough and a USB headset is recommended. If there are several people sitting in front of the same PC then we recommend use of a speakerphone. This is an audio device which sits on the table and combines a loudspeaker and microphone and connects to a PC via USB. You should avoid the use of the PC’s integrated microphone and speakers as this can cause echo effects which can be heard by the other participants and can affect the quality of the video conference. You should use earphones for tablets and smartphones. Some of the most well known headset and speakerphone brands for audio and video conferences are ClearOne, Jabra and Plantronics.
What are the recommended webcams for PC video conferencing?
Any HD webcam declared by its manufacturer as suitable for video calls and video conferences will suffice. In general those with a higher resolution and a higher number of frames per second are recommended. Some of the most well known webcam brands for video conferencing are Creative, Logitech and Microsoft.
What are the minimum network requirements for a cloud-based video conference?
There are no strict requirements because the central system which provides JOINVIDEO video conferencing service adjusts to the available network bandwidth of individual devices. Obviously, the higher the available bandwidth, the better the videoconferencing quality will be. For a HD videoconference on one device you typically need a 1Mbps connection for both upstream and downstream.
Is it necessary to change any specific settings on corporate networks?
The cloud-based video conferencing service can be used on corporate networks equally as well as on the Internet. However, in some cases, usually when dedicated video conferencing hardware systems are involved, it may be necessary to set basic settings for NAT and firewall traversal or use a proxy. For these types of issues, please contact the administrator of your corporate network. Our helpdesk is available to assist the network administrator and will provide them with all the necessary help and information to ensure the video conferencing service works perfectly.
How can I participate in a cloud-based video conference?
Registered users have their own virtual meeting room which they can join by entering their Username and Password on the Login page of he JOINVIDEO service. Invited guests join by simply clicking the link received in the email invitation to the video conference. Guests can chose which name is displayed to the conference or simply leave blank.
Is it possible to share data in a video conference?
Each participant in the video conference can share all applications open on their PC’s desktop, including powerpoint presentations. The H.239 standard is supported for data sharing on group video conferencing room systems.
Why does the layout of the screen change when data is being shared?
The video conference layout, i.e. the way in which participants’ images are arranged on the screen automatically changes when data sharing is started. The user who is sharing the content is placed in the foreground. To restore the original video layout just click the corresponding icon on display.
Is it possible to see the participants’ names in the video conference?
The participants’ names can be displayed below their corresponding images on the screen if you activate this option i n the configuration panel. On the same panel there is a video conference participants list.
Is it possible to activate the privacy mode without leaving the video conference?
You can enter the privacy mode at any time during the videoconference. During privacy mode your video fed will be stopped and your audio muted. These can be turned on again at any time by clicking the corresponding icons on your display. You will still remain visible on the conference participant list even in privacy mode.
Is it possible to protect the video conference from unauthorized access?
The owner of the virtual conference room who is hosting the video conference can block access to the conference at anytime by using the room lock function. This does not affect users who are already connected to the video conference, but will prevent access by unauthorised people once activated. If you want to prevent access, even accidental access then it is better to lock the room once all the invited participants have connected. The other way to protect your video conference is to activate a PIN number which is used to access to the virtual conference room. This number can be changed as many times as you want.
Is it possible to manage the audio and video of other video conference participants?
The owner of the virtual conference room and host of the video conference, can enable and disable the microphone and the webcam of a single participant or of all participants simultaneously.
Is it possible to connect and disconnect users when the video conference has already started?
The owner of the virtual conference room, hosting the video conference can disconnect any user. However, only room endpoints, i.e. group video conferencing systems can be connected by the host. Users participating in the video conference from PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones join the video conference by themselves.
What is the maximum number of videoconference participants?
It is possible to connect up to 100 devices to a single videoconference but the number of participants is limited and depends on the maximum capacity assigned to each video conference room.
How many participants can be seen on the screen simultaneously?
The maximum number of participants visible on your display is 8. If there are more than 8 participants then the current speaker is always displayed and one user is dropped from the display until that user speaks again. If the layout of 8 frames is selected but you see fewer participants on the screen, this means that your current available Internet bandwidth is not enough or the device you use (e.g. PC) does not have enough resources to support this type of video conferencing layout.


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