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JOINAUDIO is an innovative and unique conference call service, with no activation fees, which integrates traditional conference calling using the PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network) with VoIP (Voice over IP Networks). This means that you can join a call from a personal computer, a tablet or a smartphone using only an internet connection.

Telephone access is available in more than 40 countries worldwide with the possibility to activate up to 3000 extra PoPs or local in country telephone numbers.

JOINAUDIO is the first conference call service to offer iNum, a single global access telephone number which allows you to join a conference from anywhere in the world. iNum removes the need to carry a list of local in country access numbers or PoPs. In addition by installing a softphone on your PC, tablet or smartphone you can actually reduce your telephone charges to zero.

JOINAUDIO is not just audio conferencing: with just a few clicks our simple web user interface offers real-time management of call reports and management of your call recordings. With our free JOINAUDIO app, you can make conference simply via an iPhone or iPad.


HD audio conference.

Multilingual operator assistance.

A single global access telephone number to join a conference from anywhere in the world.

Telephone access numbers anywhere in the world
More than 40 PoPs from local to toll free numbers are already active in Europe, America, Middle and Far East with a possibility to activate new countries on request, choosing among 3000 PoPs available.
iNum: the unique number valid worldwide
Traditional phone numbers are available to access JOINAUDIO conference calls in more than 40 countries. Moreover you can use iNum: the international number that makes access to the conference call service even simpler and faster. iNum uses a new +883 prefix created by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which is valid worldwide. iNum delivers voice in high definition and offers superior audio quality
Access a conference call from Skype
To join a JOINAUDIO conference call from Skype just add to your Skype contact list and then make the normal Skype audio call. When prompted to enter the Conference Code, dial the code (followed by #) from the numeric keypad accessible from the menu Call -> Show Skype keypad.
Control a conference with a single click
Thanks to our JOINAUDIO Moderator application you can control and manage your conference calls directly from a PC or a tablet connected to the Internet: you can see who is connected, mute microphones, activate call recording, download MP3 files and much more.
Reduce phone costs to zero with VoIP and in HD quality audio
Thanks to a softphone client integrated directly into the JOINAUDIO Moderator application you are able to connect with a HD audio quality VoIP connection: with just one click to download the client you join a conference call without a telephone. If your company has a VoIP enabled PBX or IP PBX you can connect directly to the JOINAUDIO service and immediately reduce telephone costs for conference calls.
Share data and chat in conference call
With our JOINAUDIO Moderator application it’s easy to share your desktop, documents, tables or any other content or application with the other participants during a phone conference. An integrated chat is available to exchange text messages during the conference call.
Mobile conference call with tablets and smartphones
Just install our JOINAUDIO CALL free app to join a conference with your iPhone or iPad. You can also use other VoIP call applications available on the market. Our help desk is always at your disposal to help you with configuration. Thanks to our JOINAUDIO Moderator application, you will have full control of the conference via a tablet as well.
Multilingual operator assisted conference calls
Our automatic JOINAUDIO conference calls are very simple to use: just dial the phone number of the nearest PoP and enter a participant or moderator code. However, if you prefer to be connected to a conference by an operator, you can rely on our multilingual call center: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish.
Spot audio conference call with maximum security
In addition to our conference call rooms with a permanent moderator and participant PIN allocated, you can also book a spot or instant audio conference. An access code is generated which is valid for the duration of the conference and is then permanently deleted on completion of the conference. Spot conferences avoid the risk of people using your PIN to enter your conference call uninvited.
Download the free conference call app for iPhone and iPad
If you are a frequent traveller or often join conference calls while out of the office, JOINAUDIO Call gives you one-click direct access to conferences, regardless of whether you are the host or a participant. JOINAUDIO Call is the perfect application for managing your conference calls from your iPhone or iPad: you can set up or join a phone conference with just a finger tap. Your conference codes and favorite phone numbers will be always at your fingertips. Using this app you won't have to consult the list of PoPs because your device will automatically locate the nearest one. JOINAUDIO Call will allow you to schedule a conference call with a few taps and automatically send e-mail invitations to the partecipants. Alarms and notifications will always keep you informed. By enabling VoIP you'll be able to use a software client to make further savings on telephone calls. The app is free and available on the Apple Store.


  • Our conference call service can be purchased on a flat fee or pay-per-use basis
  • Conference call Access PoPs (local dial in numbers) available in more than 40 different countries
  • Access to conference calls using iNum, a single global telephone number
  • Compatible with fixed line phones and standard SIP soft phones also on smartphones and tablets
  • Narrow band audio codec: G711, G729, iLBC
  • Conference call control via DTMF or Moderator web interface
  • Web chat integrated into Moderator web interface
  • Download recorded files in MP3 format
  • Simple, easy to use callflow: a PIN code for the moderator and a PIN code for participants
  • Permanent conference call room with maximum capacity up to 100 participants, expandable on request
  • Operator assisted conference call rooms
  • Multi-lingual Operator assisted calls in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
  • No hardware or software to install on your company’s servers
  • Activation of new PoPs on demand with a choice of more than 3000 numbers
  • HD audio softphone integrated into Moderator web interface
  • Possibility to add a SIP trunk to company’s IP-PBX
  • HD audio codec: Wideband G722, G722-1, G722.s (AMR-WB), iSAC, SILK
  • Data sharing integrated into Moderator web interface
  • Conference registration via DTMF or Moderator web interface
  • Upload of audio files for live broadcast during a conference
  • Modify callflows using our easy to use customer portal
  • Create instant conference call rooms with temporary access codes
  • Dial out via DTMF, Moderator interface or by an operator
  • Detailed call reports broken down by cost centers, users and conference ID


Which devices can be used to connect to a conference call?
You can connect to the JOINAUDIO conference call service using fixed-line telephones, mobile phones, VoIP softphones, tablets, smartphones and even Skype.
Is the JOINAUDIO conference call service compatible with all major telecommunication companies?
The JOINAUDIO conference call service can be accessed from any fixed-line or mobile network operator (eg. Vodafone) by dialling the conference call access number (PoP).
What is the JOINAUDIO CALL app?
If you are a frequent traveller or even just participate in conference calls when you are away from the office, the JOINAUDIO CALL app allows access to your conference call with just one click directly from your smartphone or tablet, either as organizer or as a participant. JOINAUDIO CALL is the perfect app to manage conference calls from an iPhone or iPad and your conference PIN codes and favourite phone numbers will always be at hand. Using this app means that you no longer need to consult the list of country access codes or PoPs because your mobile device will automatically locate the nearest one. JOINAUDIO CALL allows you to schedule a conference call with just a few taps and automatically sends an e-mail invitation to all the participants. Alarms and notifications keep you up to date with all your scheduled meetings and information is updated automatically. You can make additional savings on your telephone bill by enabling a VoIP application on your smartphone. The JOINAUDIO CALL app is free and you can download it from the Apple Store.
Is it necessary to book a new conference call every time?
Absolutely not. Once you have received your access codes and the list of access numbers for each country (PoPs), you can organize a conference call by yourself, whenever you need to: 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
How many access points (PoPs) are available with the JOINAUDIO conference call service?
Currently there are 120 active PoPs in the world. There are also 22 toll-free numbers. You can ask our helpdesk for an updated list of all conference call access numbers. You can also request the activation of a specific PoP if required.
How many devices can be connected to a conference call?
A JOINAUDIO conference call can host up to 100 participants. This number can be increased on request.
How is the JOINAUDIO conference call service charged?
The JOINAUDIO conferencing service is provided on a pay-per-use basis with no activation fees. The price is applied on a per-minute basis for each device connected to the conference call. Companies that frequently have conference calls throughout the year can pay opt to pay on a flat rate basis.
How much do telephone service providers charge for access to JOINAUDIO conference call service?
To join a conference call from a public service telephone network you only pay the fee applied by your local telephone operator for a call to the country of the PoP number in use. The price depends on the contract with your mobile or fixed telephony provider. Usually, your calls to a local PoP are really low cost or even free of charge: many mobile operators offer packages with free minutes of national calls included. You can check out the pricing in the contract of your fixed-line or mobile telephony, or in your telephone bills.
How do I join a conference call?
You can join your JOINAUDIO conference call in one of the following ways:
  • - call the nearest national or international PoP and enter your code followed by the # key
  • - call the unique global number iNum and enter your PIN code followed by the # key
How to choose the right access number (PoP) to call?
To join an audioconference it is better to call an access number of the country where you are located. If a country has several PoPs, you can choose any of them: the numbers are the same in terms of costs and access modes.
How to join a conference call from a country where there is no PoP activated?
In this case, you can join your JOINAUDIO conference call in one of the following ways:
  • - call a PoP of a neighboring country
  • - call the unique global number iNum
  • - connect by VoIP (from your PC, tablet or smartphone), using our free JOINAUDIO CALL app or by Skype
  • - ask to be called by the moderator (dial-out)
What is the difference between local PoP numbers and toll-free numbers?
PoP numbers are regular geographic phone numbers with local area codes. The benefit of using a local PoP is that the host of the conference call room is only charged for the service (on a per minute per participant basis), while each participant connected to the conference call pays the cost of his own call to the PoP number. In the case of toll-free numbers, the host of the conference call room pays both the service charge and for the telephone call of the participants.
Is it better to join a conference call using a local number or a toll-free number?
Generally participants are provided with local numbers because toll-free numbers have higher costs for the company. It is possible, however, to provide some participants with local numbers and others with toll-free numbers for the same conference call. Toll free numbers are provided for when you do not want some participants to pay the cost of the phone call.
How can I join a conference call from Skype?
You should add to your Skype contacts list, make a call as usual and enter your code followed by # using the Skype numeric keypad.
Why is the code I dialled from the phone not accepted?
Probably the code was entered incorrectly. However if the code is correct, make sure that the phone you used to join your conference call is equipped with a DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) keyboard.
What is the difference between a host code and a participant code?
The host code is reserved for the person hosting the conference call and enables in call control functions such as the possibility to block access to the conference call to other users, mute participants, record conference calls, conduct Q&A sessions etc.
Why am I prompted to enter the participant code instead of the host code?
This is because one of the participants has already joined the conference call as its host. Be careful when you communicate the access codes: make sure that the host code is not erroneously provided to unauthorized persons.
Do the codes received after conference call service activation last forever?
The host code and the participant code received in the JOINAUDIO service activation email can be used indefinitely.
How can I get extra codes to make more conference calls at the same time?
You can get an infinite number of host/participant code pairs for your conference call. Just use the control panel to create a new conference and determine the period of validity of the new codes.
What should I do if the call drops out during a conference call?
Just join the conference call once again: call the PoP and enter your code followed by the # key
If the line drops out, do I still pay for the entire conference?
No, you pay only for the minutes spent in your conference call.
Is it possible to change conference call access codes?
No, the conference codes cannot be changed. If you want to schedule a conference call with temporary codes you can book a spot audioconference.
What is a spot conference call?
A spot conference call is a conference where the generated access codes are valid for a set time period only. This time period can be defined by the client. Once this time period has expired the codes are then deleted.
Why is my call forwarded to an operator?
The call is forwarded to an operator when an incorrect access code has been entered or when the device you use to join the conference call does not have a DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) keyboard
Will an operator notify the host when all the participants are connected?
No. Once the conference call has been started it is the host’s responsibility to wait until all the participants are connected. In order to see the list of participants who have already connected, the host of the conference can use the Moderator web interface (an application for conference call management) and then invite participants by mail.
What data can be shared during a conference call?
During your conference call you can share documents, your entire desktop and any application which is running on your computer. This is managed through the Moderator interface software
Is it possible to limit the duration of a conference call?
The maximum duration of a conference call is 4 hours. When necessary, it is possible to ask our operators for an extension of this limit. It is also possible to determine a time limit for a conference call in advance so that once this time limit is reached, the conference ends automatically whether the host is still present or not.
Is it possible to record a conference call?
Conference calls can be recorded and replayed via the Moderator web interface. It is also possible to download recorded files in mp3 format during the whole period for which the access codes remain valid.
Which functions are available to the host of a conference call?
The host can manage the conference call by means of the Moderator web interface. The host can view and manage all the participants using functions such as mute microphones, enable/disable recording, block access to the conference call, share data, manage Q&A sessions and broadcast previously recorded audio files to the conference and more.
Is it possible to end a conference call if someone has logged in as an unauthorized host?
A conference call can be ended by the host by logging in to the Moderator Web Interface using your username and password. The username and password should only be known by the authorized host. Once you have logged in, select the end conference call option from the web interface. Afterwards, we would recommended that the access codes, which were used without permission are deleted and new ones are created. You can also ask an operator to block the conference.
How can I prevent unauthorized access to a conference call?
Once all the invited participants have joined the conference call, the host can close the virtual conference room by entering *7 on the telephone keypad. This will prevent ANY further access to the conference even if a user inputs the correct participant code, which he may have had for a previous conference call. If a participant’s line drops out during the conference they should contact the host who can then allow them to be reconnected to the conference call. Using the Moderator Web Interface makes this process very simple as it allows the moderator to monitor all connected and disconnected calls in real time.
Using the “Start/End a conference with either Moderator or Participant” Feature?
A conference call can be set up to start and end when the moderator joins and leaves the conference or when the first participant joins and the last participant leaves the conference. The first case affords a greater level of security and participants who enter the conference call before the moderator will not be able to talk to each other but will remain on hold with background music until the moderator joins the call. When the moderator disconnects, all the participants are automatically disconnected. This avoids the discussion continuing in the absence of the Moderator. A possible disadvantage of this option is that if the line of the moderator drops out, all other users will be automatically disconnected. Opening and closing a call with the first/last participant provides greater freedom to initiate and continue a conference call but also increases the risk to extend the conference longer than planned. However, it is possible to combine both these options, for example, to start a conference call when the first user logs in and to end it when the moderator hangs up the phone.
What should the moderator if he loses the access codes?
Since the codes are sent via mail, it may be possible to find them in the mailbox. However, if permanently deleted, the codes can be requested from our help-desk.


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