Conferencing News – July 2015

Dell announced the new Dell Teaching and Learning Academy for educators across the country to ensure that the company keeps up its promise of: “fostering collaborative and creative learning environments for all students.” Dell also announced the availability of its catalog of virtual professional learning courses, which cover topics such as basic introduction to Windows or Chrome operating systems, next-generation assessments, as well as game-based learning and curriculum development.

Sennheiser introduced a line of headsets and speakerphones that feature integrated call control with Cisco Jabber. Devices like this make the user experience easier and more reliable.

Logitech is evolving its brand. The rebranding appears to be related to a combination of a desire to be more playful and the wish to even better differentiate itself in terms of design. The company has hired its first-ever Chief Design Officer and hints at another reason for the rebranding: the Logi label will appear on some of its newest product categories, and Logitech hints at some surprising directions for the company.

Brainshark announced Brainshark Live, a set of live presentation capabilities added to the Brainshark Sales Accelerator. Based on Brainshark’s SlideShark technology, Brainshark Live helps sales reps find and deliver the best presentation for every selling situation – right within Salesforce from their desktops and mobile devices. With these new features, the Sales Accelerator provides an even more comprehensive sales enablement platform – giving reps the ability to prepare for meetings, present live and track content effectiveness, all within their CRM system.

Grandstream introduced the GVC3200 Android video conferencing system. The product is based on Google’s Android 4.4mobile operating system and offers 1080p full-HD video resolutions, together with up to nine-way video conferences, support for three monitor outputs through 3 HDMI connectors, and a PTZ camera with 12x zoom.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp last year for its OTT messaging capabilities. At this point WhatsApp claims that over 1 billion people have downloaded the chatting application, and that over 1 million join in WhatsApp chats every day. The company now promises that, after it is done bringing VoIP services and a web messenger, it plans to introduce video calling in 2016.

Runors say Apple just might bring video chat to the Apple Watch. Sources for 9to5mac claim that Apple plans on adding a front-facing FaceTime camera and Wi-Fi chipset for video calls for the Watch.

Vidyo and Stampede partnered to bring videoconferencing-enabled drones to market. The drones themselves do not support an audio feed, but users can select a drone, and camera, and determine if they want video software with a live screen and multipoint video calling, thus enabling a group to talk while monitoring the drone.

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