Service Description

JOINCAST is the first conference call service that provides a unique global telephone number to access audio conferences from anywhere in the world: no need to consult the list of access numbers (PoPs). If you want to access the conference call from a normal phone number, you can choose among 3000 PoPs in the world. The conference call service supports VoIP connections and data sharing and provides innovative real-time management of reports and records.

Service Detail

  • Service can be purchased for single events or on flat fee basis
  • No hardware or software to install on your company’s servers
  • Professional audio and video quality
  • Video powered by Akamai HDNet
  • Live streaming with up to 1 million simultaneous users per channel
  • Global Content Delivery Network
  • Recording and editing
  • Service is accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets
  • Applications for social networks: follow, share, notifications, posts
  • Audience analysis and assessment tools
  • Powerful and easy to use production tools, also available on mobile devices
  • Live transmission of events integrated with content and real-time applications:
  • photos
  • texts
  • video clips
  • presentations
  • desktop
  • chat
  • posts
  • blog

Information request

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