Service Description

Travel expense savings with instant global conference access. Crystal clear and stable audio for efficient conference calls. Local live assistance to help you and your participants in conference.
Global access with local country numbers for international attendees. Additional security with optional single-use PIN codes.

Audio conferencing made easy
On-demand, self-service audio conferencing, available 24/7 for an unlimited number of participants.
With local live assistance from Join’s customer service team, JoinEvent is the perfect solution for collaborating with your colleagues and business contacts around the globe.

Service Detail

  • Reservation-less audio conferencing service (no pre-booking required).
  • Only two steps for quick and easy access: Connect and enter your PIN code to join the conference.
  • Receive a call from the conference using the 'call-me-back' function.
  • 24/7 immediate local language live assistance for all participants.
  • Ideal for communicating with remote colleagues, clients, suppliers, or partners.
  • Hosting up to 100 participants per call (and many more if pre-arranged).
  • Toll and toll free access numbers available from 50+ countries.
  • Integration available with our portfolio of web and video solutions.
  • In-conference control functions via the phone keypad, such as mute participants and lock conference.
  • Advanced meeting control via online audio console.
  • Save and replay your strategic calls using the recording function.
  • Private and secure audio platform delivering high-quality conferencing.

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