The future of work: videoconferencing and collaboration are on the rise

Researchers reveal some of the main tech trends for the coming years.

New technologies are continuously evolving. This process is first of all characterized by the spread of mobile devices, and it’s gradually changing the professional environment and the way people work in.

Collaboration locations become more diverse and flexible, and employees can do their work and communicate with each other with no limits.

Researchers unveil the top seven technology trends of 2015 that will change the way people work in many sectors:

– Adoption of enterprise collaboration tools is growing rapidly: during 2015 the use of all types of “virtual” communication will increase, including videoconferencing and content sharing.

Videoconferencing vs email: by 2016 videoconferencing is likely to replace email (according to the Jack Uldrich theory). For now, companies will facilitate the integration of different collaboration technologies (voice, video, content).

Open space: companies are already gradually breaking down barriers in the workplace, but in 2015 this innovation will be also accompanied by some advanced solutions (noise removal, brightness adjustment, digital boards).

– “Supermobility“: worldwide smartphones usage will grow to 2.4 billion units by 2018. In practice, the ratio between mobile phones and PCs will be 6:1.

Cloud usage by SMEs: cloud technologies will allow the adoption of innovative collaboration. – WebRTC: real-time communication in videoconference or chat through a browser will become increasingly in high demand, especially starting from 2016.

Distance meetings: the new technologies will dramatically change business meetings, encouraging a fruitful and easy collaboration regardless of where you are.

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