Meetings at high altitude: Vidyo launches drone videoconferencing

Multiple modes of usage: from emergencies to big infrastructures, plus a possibility to interact in real time.

The service became very popular and immediately took wing. In the videoconferencing sphere this expression can already be used both metaphorically and literally. In North America Vidyo launched a new videoconferencing service for drones, i.e. small unmanned aerial vehicles, piloted from the ground and used in situations where manned flight is considered too risky or difficult.

Emergencies and Natural Disasters

A drone-based videoconferencing system can be useful in many situations. One of the first things that come to mind are emergencies caused by accidents or natural disasters: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, train accidents, etc. When a disaster occurs, authorities can send a drone to fly over the area and evaluate the situation.

Emergency Plan

It was already possible to take videos using drones and watch them later, after its flight. Now the possibilities are many more: thanks to the new Vidyo service, the video is not only broadcast live, but it’s also possible to organise a simultaneous videoconference, connecting experts from around the world, and giving them an opportunity to discuss the situation and quickly decide how to intervene. The drone-based videoconferencing service proves the extensibility of VidyoWorks platform and shows how manifold are the potential applications of videoconferencing. A drone-mounted camera, capable of taking HD videos, uses an analog signal to transmit video to the online meeting participants.

Industries and Governments

An emergency intervention is just one of many possible uses of the new drone videoconferencing service launched by Vidyo. Among the potential users of “flying” virtual videoconferencing rooms there are also industries and governments. In effect, the service can also be useful for inspections of infrastructures and other projects, such as bridges, dams and pipelines.

Customizable Service

Although drones do not transmit audio, on-line conference participants can discuss video in real-time. Users can connect from PCs, tablets or smartphones. Upon purchase, customers can choose the model both of drone and video camera, the type of video software and decide whether to opt for the multi-videoconferencing option. So, the offer is really flexible and the service is highly customizable. The final price depends upon the configuration chosen. Vidyo platforms provide excellent performance even if there are some problems with network connectivity (delays, jitter, etc.), which is especially important when it comes to connect flying objects like drones.

Before Take-off: Obtaining Permissions

As it often happens, the law does not keep up with technology. The US and Europe have different restrictions on the use of drones, and the bureaucratic process of obtaining permits is not always quick. Vidyo has already thought about it, taking the responsibility for completing all the necessary administrative procedures before your drone takes off.

Key Word: Integration

Services like the one created for drones show that videoconferencing is a very flexible tool, which can both function independently and be integrated with existing software and devices, provided with video function. It belongs to so-called vertical applications, and it promises new developments and can open the door to new markets.

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