Olivier Schiffmann

Managing Director
Naotech Communication Group Ltd

JOIN CONFERENCING services are excellent cloud-based communication tools. Professional quality conference call, video conference and web conference services, easy to use and low cost.

Luigi Moranduzzo

Corporate and Tax Firm

Thanks to JOINAUDIO conference call service we can communicate more effectively with our foreign colleagues and we have significantly reduced our travel costs.

Luca Messina

Aethra Telecommunications

I’ve had the opportunity to use JOINVIDYO videoconferencing service both on tablet and PC, even in quite “extreme” situations in terms of available Internet connection and work contexts complexity. Outstanding results in any situation!

Gian Luca Spitella

Communication Manager

I’ve participated in different events and connected to videoconferences from remote locations using PC and room videoconferencing systems. JOINVIDYO has always proved to be an excellent service regarding its quality and smoothness of high-resolution images.

Giovanni De Besi

IT Specialist
De Besi-Di Giacomo SpA

We have a H.323 system and use JOINELITE videoconferencing service to connect with our Milan office and our customers and partners. This effective and reliable service allows us to significantly reduce our travel costs and unproductive time.

Ugo Rodinò di Miglione

Managing Director
Rodinò & Partners

The excellent quality of the JOINVIDYO videoconferencing service allows us to hold many business meetings with customers and partners without leaving our offices, just using a PC or an iPad. The service helps us to save time and money. We can also make a videoconference with those who have H.323 end points.

Stefano Armenia

System Dynamics Italian Chapter

JOINCAST streaming service allowed us to webcast an important event organized by the System Dynamics Italian Chapter. Thanks to JOINCAST, people who could not physically attend the meeting had the opportunity to watch it online on their PCs or tablets. We have much appreciated the quality and reliability of the streaming service.

Pier Angelo Sottile

Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant of GESI Gestione Sistemi per l’Informatica srl - a SME with more than 50 employees specializing in the design and development of health information systems, which markets products and solutions that stand out with respect to others in terms of reliability, usability and performance - I often use the JOINAUDIO conference call services to follow-up on the industrial, research and standardisation activities I coordinate. It’s simple, efficient and can be used also in mobility from any device (telephone, pc, tablet and smartphone).

Annita Serio


FEDERMOBILITA', the national association that gathers all the departments responsible for mobility management at regional, provincial and local levels, considers videoconferencing an essential tool to broaden participation in the initiatives it organizes, meeting, at the same time, the need for reducing business travel expenses. The experience with the video conferencing service JOINVIDYO has been very positive and has given excellent results for the quality of the connections.

Vincenzo Valentini

Director of Gemelli Advanced Radiation Therapy
Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli - Rome

Several scientific activities can be better carried out by small groups, which gather together to come up with new research ideas and discuss new evidence. If we had to meet in person in the same place, the cost would be huge, in terms of time, travel and subsistence expenses. Thanks to JOIN video conferencing services, we can carry out these activities remotely with significant savings.

Alessandra Ceccarelli

HR Director

Thanks to JOIN video conferencing services we can elaborate development and training plans remotely, but especially we have sped up the decision making process. Before we used to travel by train or plane and book meeting rooms to take majority decision. Now, more simply, it’s the decisions that are coming to us. Considering that our organization has 58 local offices, our work is now simpler and less expensive.