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JOINELITE is a professional multi party HD video conferencing service based on Lifesize Cloud technology. It is aimed at companies who mainly use H.323/SIP endpoints and wish to hold multi party video conferences without the expense of purchasing and managing expensive and complex hardware infrastructure such as MCUs and gateways.

With JOINELITE you can use any video conferencing system (Lifesize, Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, etc.) and any PC, tablet or smartphone.

JOINELITE is a cloud-based video conferencing service particularly suitable for large companies with a number of users from 50 to 1000. It is integrated with Skype for Business, the new Unified Communications platform from Microsoft, which replaces Lync.

JOINELITE removes the need for valuable internal IT resource which is often needed to manage, organize and conduct video meetings. Our video conference service is also offered on a pay-per-use, per day basis, at extremely affordable prices.

Before buying a MCU why not take a free trial with our JOINELITE H.323 video conferencing service!

Our cloud-based MCU service is always at your disposal for


with any H.323/SIP room system, PC, tablet and smartphone.

H.323 multi video conference service
JOINELITE offers HD 720p@60fps multi-party video conferences for all the H.323/SIP standard endpoints available on the market: Lifesize, Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, etc. The service is also available on PCs (Windows and Mac) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). It’s also possible to connect telephones via 57 PoPs around the world.
Easy to use video conferencing
Access to a video conference room from H.323/SIP endpoints is very simple. Using the remote control, just select the meeting room or enter its IP address. On PCs or mobile terminals just login to the client or app and select the meeting room or the person you want to connect. During the video conference you can share presentations and documents, send and receive chat messages. The video client for PC is automatically installed at your first access to the service portal. The free app for tablets and smartphones must be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play.
Video conferencing and NAT/Firewall traversal
If your H.323/SIP system is connected to a private network, you may need to configure your NAT and firewall technology to reach the cloud and enable audio and video streaming.
Video conference security and privacy Video conference recording and streaming Video conference management
JOINELITE supports the use of entry codes to protect your videoconnference from an unauthorized access. Privacy options allow you to manage at your convenience the transmission/suspension of your audio or video during the video conference.
Video conference recording and streaming
JOINELITE video conferences can be recorded on the cloud and transmitted in streaming for people who didn’t manage to attend the meeting but are interested in its viewing.
Video conference management
Our skilled technical staff is always at your disposal to manage particularly important events or video conferences, where professional equipment and operators for audio/video administration are needed.


  • H.323/SIP multi video conferencing service that can be purchased also on a pay-per-use per day basis
  • No hardware or software to install on your company’s servers
  • Video resolution in Continuous Presence up to 720p@60 fps
  • Support of H.261, H.263, H.263 +, H.264, H.264 SVC codecs
  • Mute and video privacy mode
  • Application and data sharing in H.239 and BFCP standard
  • Private chat
  • Service can be used on any H.323/SIP room system, as well as on PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Video conference software client for Windows and Macl
  • Free videoconference app for mobile devices
  • Windows and Mac operating systems for PC, iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones
  • IVR video conference hosting service
  • Ability to protect video conferences with an access PIN
  • Video conference management functions
  • Ability to connect telephones (audio only) via 57 PoPs around the world
  • Recording and streaming of video conferences


Which devices can be used for a cloud-based H.323 video conferencing service?
Our cloud-based H.323 video conferencing service is available for all types of H.323/SIP videoconferencing systems (Lifesize, Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei) as well as on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and telephones (audio only).
What operating systems does the videoconference software client support?
The videoconference software client supports Windows and Mac operating systems on PCs or laptops.
Where can I download the video conference application for tablets and smartphones?
The free video conferencing application Life-size Cloudfor tablets and smartphones is both for iOS and Android operating systems. The app for iPad and iPhone can be downloaded from the Apple Store, the one for Android devices can be downloaded from Google Play.
What are the recommended audio devices for PC video conferencing?
If the video conference involves only one person, a headset with an integrated microphone like those used for Skype will be fine. If there is more than one person in the conference (sitting in front of the same PC) then we recommend the use of a speakerphone, i.e. a table audio device which combines a loudspeaker and a microphone and connects to a PC via USB. Some of the most well-known headset and speakerphone brands for audio and video conference are Logitech, ClearOne, Jabra and Plantronics.
What are the recommended webcams for PC video conferencing?
Any HD webcam recommended by the manufacturer as suitable for video calls and video conferences. In general it is preferable to use those with a higher resolution and a higher frame rate (frames per second). For best results we recommend a 720p@60fps webcam. Some of the well-known webcam brands for video conferences are Creative, Logitech and Microsoft.
What are the minimum internet connection requirements for a H.323 video conference?
For a HD video conference on a H.323/SIP endpoint you need at least 1Mbps of available bandwidth (both upstream and downstream). For a PC video conference you need at least 384kbps.
Which settings should be set up on corporate networks for a H.323 video conference?
To use our cloud-based H.323/SIP video conferencing service on a corporate network it may be necessary to change the settings for NAT and firewall traversal. For these types of issues, please contact the administrator of your corporate network. Our helpdesk is available to assist the network administrator and will provide them with all the necessary help and information to ensure the video conferencing service works perfectly.
How can I join a video conference using a H.323 endpoint?
To join the video conference from H.323/SIP endpoints (group videoconferencing systems), access the internal address book, select the video conference room and press the call button. If the virtual meeting room is not on the list, then enter the IP address of the service and wait for the audio instructions. You will be asked to enter the Meeting ID and its’ PIN.
Is it possible to share data on H.323 endpoints in a video conference?
As on PCs, you can share data on H.323/SIP endpoints (group video conferencing systems). Connect the video output of the PC to the VGA input of the endpoint and enter data sharing mode by means of the remote control button. The supported data sharing standard is H.239.
How can I protect the video conference from unauthorized access?
The owner of the virtual conference room who is hosting the video conference can activate a PIN for access to the virtual conference room.
Is it possible to manage audio and video of video conference participants?
The owner of the virtual conference room who is hosting the video conference can enable and disable the microphone of each participant in the video conference.
Is it possible to connect and disconnect the users when the videoconference has already started?
The owner of the virtual conference room who is hosting the video conference can disconnect any user. He can also connect any user or endpoint registered to the cloud service.


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