Service Description

The JoinPhone switchboard allows you to innovate your communication system by exploiting the advantages of VoIP technology. The new JoinPhone solution is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that need an advanced telephone switchboard, wich exploits high-tech services and at the same time reduces telephone costs. JoinPhone offers all the services that usually characterize very expensive solutions.

The extension of the phone can be installed wherever you want, an internet connection is enough and the extension of your company is with you. Very convenient even for multi-site installations, just connect an extension to the Internet of the Rome branc and the other to the Milan office network And that’s it!

Service Detail

  • Abatement of Telecom tariffs
  • Mobile extension via cellular network
  • Voice menu for multiple calls
  • Voice mail management system
  • Video calls
  • Two backup modes
  • Electronic fax service
  • Compatible with most phones
  • Zero maintenance needs
  • Supports remote offices and remote users
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Simple startup
  • Import and export of telephone directories
  • Activation and / or deactivation of audio notifications for instant messages
  • Many other customizations

Information request

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