Every day new disasters, environmental problems, the greenhouse effect remind us that we should strive to preserve the future. Many businesses decided to be more planet-friendly, to address or benefit the eco-movement directly, and to help minimize the impact of global warming, greenhouse gases and populations more focused on luxury than planetary health.

Everyone — from a single person to international companies — can have an impact on the future of our planet. Fortunately, businesses don’t have to sacrifice efficiency in the name of a greener company. Moreover, they can contribute towards a greener, healthier planet, simultaneously saving time and money.

Greener commute

We are living in the age of the consumer, and companies need to take action to maximize brand loyalty and ensure positive consumer opinion by making their management, production and shipping not only more economical, but also more ecological. Still, in order to benefit from customer opinion, companies need to make sure that greener operations aren’t hurting their bottom line. Video conferencing offers a greener and more eco-friendly solution to the problem of travel and communication. It brings many benefits to companies that are large and spread out or small ones wanting to cut operating costs as much as possible.

Less taxes

Video conferencing can also help businesses to reduce so-called “green taxes” imposed on environmental pollutants that are introduced into the atmosphere through the production or use of a company’s products. In this way governments try to make companies change their products or services to be eco-friendlier. If your company does a lot of traveling for meetings with partners, clients or consumers, video conferencing can help reduce the cost of “green taxes” as well as your travel expenses. The price of fuel and food make physical travel a more expensive solution in comparison to video conferencing; while telephones and emails don’t offer as robust a communication solution as video can. Including into your business strategy a telecommute, even if it’s appropriate only once in a while, you’ll see a drastic reduction in travel expenses and “green taxes”.

A good investment

The environmental impact of physical means of communication, such as cars, jets and trains, is well studied already. All of these industries have emissions parameters that they must keep within, and it’s a well-known fact that their impact on the environment is less than excellent. Choosing video conferencing and integrating telecommuting into your business life is a sound investment specifically because it has a positive impact on the efficiency of your business. Environmental matters aside, cutting down on the time it takes to travel and the expenses, as well as the taxes associated with your relevant industries and all other factors combined, video conferencing brings your company many tangible benefits.

In conclusion

So, whether your company is looking to increase efficiency, lower their carbon footprint or free up some of their travel budget for other projects on the horizon, video conferencing offers a solution.

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