The outcome of last year’s Wachter Review has been a renewed focus by Government on the creation of a digital NHS. Digital technology has the potential to revolutionize both the way the healthcare system runs, and how patients interact with it.

New ways of working such as online conferencing are growing in popularity as it enables collaboration between clinicians and in particular, allows for greater efficiency in internal meetings. But how does it fit in with the Government’s new website due to launch next year? This new site is expected to allow patients to access a range of services online such as registering with a GP, accessing healthcare records, or getting medical advice.

Three GP practices across Essex and Greater Manchester already reportedly offer online video consultations with others expected to follow suit in the future so this is a huge potential area for healthcare organizations to explore.

With this in mind, the iGov Survey team worked with Brother UK, to consider how healthcare organizations are using video and/or web conferencing solutions to not only improve collaboration between staff and departments internally but also improve the service user and patient experience.

It also considered the types of environment in which conferencing solutions are used or could potentially be used by both staff and servicer users whilst it also sought to understand both the benefits and barriers of rolling the solution out organization-wide.

Following extensive review, we have now collated the resulting outcomes and the following report contains a summary of our key findings.

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