Join launches the new version of the JoinAudio app.

The new app presents several new important features:

–  Preferred room memorization: it allows to insert data of your preferred rooms, up to 8 rooms

–  Personalization: every room can be personalized with a name and a picture, so to be easily recalled

–        Easy to use :clicking on the room icon the app selects the closer access point to call (need to geolocalization on), call the selected number and insert the access PIN code, avoiding any manual operation

–  Cost savings: it’s possible to use a VOIP app on the mobile device to call the conference at no cost

–  Data recovering: all data are memorized and can be recovered to be reused in another device

–  Profile management: the profile can easily be filled using the data from your account Linkedin or Google account

Improvement: the new app is now available both for IOS and Android devices

The app allows the full control of the conferencing via a simple click on the device

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