JOIN to acquire iNebula Vidyo conferencing

Join today announced it has reached an agreement with iNebula to acquire the Videoconference activities. The acquisition includes the customer base, part of the infrastructure and the iNebula Vidyo brand.

The acquisition reinforces JOIN leadership in the Italian market and that strengthens its position widening the range of resellers. The financial terms of the transaction are confidential.

About JOIN

Join is the Conference Service provider leader in the market. Active in the conferencing market since 2014; Join provides a wide range of virtual communication services, from audio and videoconference services to webcast, virtual pbx and video interpreters.


iNebula is part of Itway Group, a multinational company listed at Milan Stock Exchange operating since more than 20 years in the IT market, active in 6 European countries and in EAU.

JOIN launches the new JoinAudio moderator

Join announces the launch of the moderator for JoinAudio, the audioconferencing service.

The moderator shows a wide range of new features and new capabilities:

  • New graphic
    • meeting table showing all participants
    • audio levels
    • recording with archive
    • file repository
  • Participant access
    • Possibility to register and fill their profile with picture
    • Personal file repository
    • Commands
  • Synchronization with mobile app
    • If host and participant have already registered themselves in the app their picture appears automatically
  • Security
    • All doors are in https
  • New features
    • The whole moderator is in html5
    • Using a webrtc browser both host and participant can access via browser
    • Graphic is responsive, the moderator can be used by mobile devices
    • A datasharing will be available soon

These new features joined with the new mobile app and the outlook plug in bring JoinAudio ahead of audioconference technology and offer a fully immersive experience for all users


Join signs an agreement to resell Arkadin services

Join Srl, a leading provider of conferencing solutions, today announced it has entered into a reseller agreement with Arkadin. Under the terms of the new agreement, JOIN will have the ability to resell Arkadin market-leading cloud-based conferencing solutions to businesses in Italy

“We are excited to have the possibility to resell Arkadin conferencing services in our native country” said Paolo Delgrossi, Join’s chief strategy officer. “Operator assisted audio and Vision video service from Arkadin will strength and complete our global conferencing offer in the market.”

About Join

Join is the Conference Service provider leader in the Italian market. Active in the conferencing market since 2014 Join provides a wide range of virtual communication services, from audio and videoconference services to webcast, virtual pbx and video interpreters.

About Arkadin

Arkadin enables clients to succeed in a digitally connected workplace with market leading cloud communications services. Over 50,000 businesses spanning the largest global enterprises to small companies have enjoyable collaboration and communication experiences from our audio/web/video conferencing and Unified Communications services.  As an NTT Communications company, we provide a cutting-edge infrastructure for premium service quality and unrivaled customer support that is administered locally through 56 operations centers in 34 countries.

Join launches the new app for JoinAudio conference service

Join launches the new version of the JoinAudio app.

The new app presents several new important features:

–  Preferred room memorization: it allows to insert data of your preferred rooms, up to 8 rooms

–  Personalization: every room can be personalized with a name and a picture, so to be easily recalled

–        Easy to use :clicking on the room icon the app selects the closer access point to call (need to geolocalization on), call the selected number and insert the access PIN code, avoiding any manual operation

–  Cost savings: it’s possible to use a VOIP app on the mobile device to call the conference at no cost

–  Data recovering: all data are memorized and can be recovered to be reused in another device

–  Profile management: the profile can easily be filled using the data from your account Linkedin or Google account

Improvement: the new app is now available both for IOS and Android devices

The app allows the full control of the conferencing via a simple click on the device

Join to launch the new JoinAudio Outlook plug in

From today it’s even easier to organize conference calls

JOIN launches the new “Outlook plugin” for JoinAudio conference service to schedule conferences and to send invitations directly from Outlook.

The plugin appears as a button on the instruments bar in the event calendar. Clicking on the button the event is automatically populated with all access instructions.

The app is available at the address where you can find all instructions to download, install and configure it

For any information please contact the email address:

Join Add-In for Microsoft® Outlook® 2010, 2013, and 2016

Download Join Add-In [v.] installer for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 (.EXE)

Download Join Add-In [v.] installer for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 (.ZIP)

To install the Join Add-In for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016:

  1. Close all Microsoft Office® applications.
  2. Download the appropriate Join Add-In for Microsoft Outlook installer
  3. Run the installation file.
  4. On installation complete, open Microsoft Outlook, click on “Add-Ins” on File menu

  1. Click on Join Meeting AddIn config… and configure your Join account

Now you are ready to use Join Meeting Add-In on your Appointment and Meeting events,Create new Appointment or Meeting, click on the Schedule Join to create Join audio-conference.

  1. If you cannot see the Join Meeting Add-In, you have to activate the component on File menu, Options:

Sparkle launches Conferencing Suite, the advanced cloud-based global video and audioconferencing platform

The new solution combines ease of use, professional audio/video quality and real-time translation capabilities

Rome, 7 March 2018

Sparkle, the international service arm of TIM Group and among top 10 global operators, announces the launch of Conferencing Suite, a cloud-based multimedia communication platform that provides enterprises with an advanced global audio and video conferencing solution, characterized by ease of use and enhanced capabilities such as moderator assistance and simultaneous translation.

Conferencing Suite, the latest outcome of Sparkle’s efforts to enrich its portfolio of ICT solutions, enables users to organize video conferences up to Ultra HD 4K resolution, reaching a large number of participants at big events, and offering them -simultaneous translation through certified interpreters with vertical specialization.

With a simple click customer can access dedicated virtual meeting rooms or book instant audio or video conferences from any device, whether smartphones or telepresence units. All guests can join the meeting through a local geographic number available in 40 countries.

Sparkle Conferencing Suite is the ideal solution for specific verticals such as e-learning, finance or health, increasing productivity and optimizing costs. It supports VoIP connections as well as data sharing and provides innovative tools for management, recording and reporting, with no requirement for new hardware or software. Conferencing Suite is operated in partnership with Join, a Worldwide Conferencing Service Provider for professional audio, video and web communication services.

About Join Conferencing Provider

Join is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing.

JOIN CONFERENCING services are brought to you by an experienced management team with a wealth of technical know-how and many years in the unified communications business. Find out more about Join Conferencing Provider at

Join to launch the new Join Connect service

JOIN announces the launch of JOINCONNECT, a real-time all-in-one platform that enables a simple two-way web communication between companies and their stakeholders, customers, suppliers and employees.

The latest outcome of JOIN efforts to enrich its portfolio of ICT solutions, JOINCONNECT addresses a wide market segment. In fact, it caters the needs of enterprises and operators looking for an innovative and smart solution for their Customer Care, as well as the needs of  companies that aim to simplify the relationship between their own end-customers such as financial and booking agents or to enhance communication with their employees or third-party technicians working on the field.

JOINCONNECT is also available to partners such as System Integrators, ISP and service providers that wish to enrich their existing service portfolio.

JOINCONNECT allows end-customers to start a voice call or an instant message through a simple click, connecting them with the right contact point and solve their queries instantly through sharing images, files or audio notes.

The solution offers a back-end platform that can be customized and integrated into existing customers’ tools. Users can access JOINCONNECT via a PC just clicking on a widget on the website or through a specific mobile application.

In addition, there is also an admin dashboard that collects relevant info such as call history and user footprint which allows customers to manage communication flow and monitor user behaviors.

JOINCONNECT is offered in partnership with M800, a leading Communication Platform as a Service provider that offers solutions to enhance communication through a globally distributed architecture.

About M800 Limited

M800 is the global leader and first-choice OTT communication solutions and international pioneer of CPaaS-based solutions–defining the next generation of a module-based, cross-compatible mobile internet solution. M800 solutions–voice, video, messaging and security–developed by cloud computing models across infrastructure, platform and software as a service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), solve the toughest global communication problems faced by corporations.

Presently, M800 provides rapid implementations of carrier-grade solutions with strict SLA in security and reliability. To achieve this, a unified platform of telecommunications and IT is built, transcending multiple layers–from application, network to platform. Our globally distributed network is realized to meet and exceed industry standards of real-time communication–smart content delivery, intelligent routing and minimal latency–while supporting sophisticated third-party integrations. This architecture reflects our long-term vision–supporting data capturing for big data, artificial intelligence and advanced blockchain security for user identification–components we believe are vital for businesses that have or will attain mass adoption.


Join to launch the new JoinPhone service

The JOINPHONE switchboard allows you to innovate your communication system by exploiting the advantages of VoIP technology. The new JOINPHONE solution is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that need an advanced telephone switchboard, taking advantage of high-tech services and at the same time reducing telephone costs. JOINPHONE offers all the services that usually characterize very expensive solutions.

Landline Telephone Anywhere: your telephone extension can be installed wherever you want: an internet connection is sufficient, and your company extension is with you. Very convenient even for multi-site installations, just connect one extension to the internet of the Rome branch and the other to the Milan office network … And that’s it!

Abatement of Telecom fees: thanks to the transfer of VoIP numbers, the Telecom fee will be completely reduced.

Mobile interior via your mobile: VoIP technology and the now widespread Hsdpa 3G technology of the cellular network allow you to configure your mobile phone or tablet as an office telephone extension: you can make, receive and transfer calls as if you were in the company. The mobile device thus becomes a full-fledged office phone.

Multilevel IVR: the voice responder can accept incoming calls by offering a voice menu. Depending on the user’s choices (“press key 1 to …”, “press 2..”) calls will be directed to extensions, extension groups, other responders or voice mails.

Mailboxes with e-mail sending
includes a voice mail management system to create a company telephone answering machine and / or an answering system for occupied or unavailable extensions. Received messages can be listened to by telephone sets or sent to your mailbox as an attached voice file.

Video Call: it is possible to make Video calls (with phones and operators that support this technology) between local and remote extensions at ZERO cost.

Numbering and extension backups: the system provides two backup modes: the first for the geographic number (eg 02123456), the second for the absence of ADSL connectivity at the customer. In this case, the system will forward the calls addressed to each extension to the mobile number relative to that extension (backup number). If extension 44 is not available, the system forwards the call to the mobile number associated with it (if configured).

Virtual Fax Service: Electronic Fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes even outside your office. Thanks to the Fax2Mail system you will receive your faxes as a simple e-mail.

Trunk configuration: it consists of the configuration of 2 distinct JOINPHONE activations connected, however, between them. With this method the customer Rossi srl (with interiors assigned from 40 to 49) can transfer calls to Verdi snc (with extensions from 50 to 59) as if they were on a single switchboard (ideal for multi-office solutions).

Day / night” logics: allow calls to be differentiated according to the time and day of the week. Once the opening times have been defined, out-of-hours calls can be redirected to available voice mail or mobile phones.


Conference rooms: it integrates a conferencing system that allows incoming calls, outgoing calls or calls between the switchboard to flow into common conversations.


Groups / call queues: it is the incorporation of several extensions into a group (eg “Technicians” of which extensions 40-41-42 are part). For each group it is possible to set the ringing strategy, hold music and / or courtesy message. Forwarding strategies are also possible to transfer, for example, the call to a mobile phone after the extension has not answered within a defined period of time (eg 60 sec.)


 Enabling classes allows you to define the privileges of each individual extension or group of extensions. For example, some devices can be limited to the composition of only urban or national numbers, excluding calls to mobile phones. It is also possible to block, both incoming and outgoing, certain numbers (eg numbers and international calls

Ten Rules of Etiquette for Videoconferencing

Re-post article by Sally French from

It’s the big day. You have a videoconference with the chief executive of your company to pitch your ideas. You’re on time, and you couldn’t be more prepared for your presentation.

But are you up-to-date with your online—and on-camera—etiquette?

Video services like Skype, Google Hangouts and Join are increasingly flooding the workplace. They offer a sense of immediacy that conference calls cannot, and they deliver big savings in contrast with traveling for actual face-to-face meetings.

But videoconferencing comes with its own code of behavior that takes the place of yesterday’s manners for meetings. Indeed, don’t let the small screens and at times deceptively informal atmosphere fool you. There are right and wrong ways to conduct yourself—and lapses will be noticed.

We talked to experts on etiquette and videoconferencing. What follows are some of the most important do’s and don’ts for work-related video calls.

DON’T TYPE. Typing during a video call not only creates distracting noise but also indicates you aren’t paying attention. Others on the call might assume you are working on something unrelated to the conversation. Even if you are taking notes, the sound of the keys can be distracting to others.

“It’s probably the biggest faux pas,” says Angie Hill, general manager of audience marketing at Skype.

TIP: If you do need to take notes, experts say, it is better to handwrite them. And if you absolutely must use your keyboard, hit the mute button.

MAKE EYE CONTACT. Maintaining eye contact builds trust and communicates that the conversation is important to you. But if you look directly into your computer’s camera so viewers can see your eyes, it is difficult to keep track of what’s happening on screen.

At the key moments when everyone’s eyes are on you, such as if you are presenting or introducing yourself, look at the camera. Otherwise, it is OK to look at the images of the other people on the call.

TIP: Move the video-chat window near your computer’s camera so you can both look at people’s faces and into the camera at once.

DON’T EAT. Would you really bring your tuna sandwich into the boardroom? No? Then don’t bring it into your video call, either. Just because the other conference guests can’t smell it doesn’t mean they can’t hear or see you chewing. Plus, food is the ultimate distraction.

“I’m now watching you eat a sandwich instead of paying attention to how brilliant you say you are,” says Lindsey Pollak, a workplace-etiquette consultant based in New York City. “And let’s be honest, nobody looks good eating.”

TIP: Put the sandwich down. And cover it up if you have to.

DISCOURAGE INTERRUPTIONS. With videoconferences, it can be tough for colleagues in the room with you to tell if you are in a meeting or simply working at your computer. Interruptions can break your train of thought, and make you look unprepared and unprofessional.

TIP: If you’re in a conference room or private office, put a note on the door. If you’re in a cubicle or at a bank of desks, use a signal to let colleagues know you are unavailable.

“I write the words ‘video call!’ on a piece of paper,” says Lizzie Post, descendant of etiquette nobility Emily Post and a spokesperson for the Emily Post Institute. “I freely admit this is dorky,” she says, “but if someone comes over, I hold it up, and it works.”

DON’T LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Need to use the restroom? While you may sometimes be able to get away with bringing a phone—on mute—into the bathroom, that obviously won’t work in this case.

About 24% of respondents voted this as the worst thing someone could do on-screen during a conference call, according to a survey by market-research firm Lab42 for Join.Me.

TIP: If it is a large meeting or you feel uncomfortable interrupting, just slip away and, if necessary, privately message a fellow participant saying you will be back shortly. If it is a small meeting, or you are the moderator, just ask to take a quick break.

PAY ATTENTION. Just because you can get away with online shopping during a conference call doesn’t mean you can in a video call. Everyone can see your eyes drifting away or your fingers typing, and they can tell you’re distracted.

TIP: Stay focused. Don’t look away from the screen. That is a clear indication that you aren’t engaged.

REMEMBER THE OUTLIERS. Sometimes a video call is between a room full of people and one person in a remote location. It’s important to ensure that people participating outside a group are included in the dialogue and given cues and openings for questions or comments. Otherwise, the people in the room can easily get caught up in their own conversation and forget to include the person on the call.

TIP: Raising a hand to speak is OK, especially when there is a lag time on the video feed. If you’re moderating the call, be proactive and ask if anyone has something they want to add.

CONTROL YOUR BACKGROUND. A messy background can cause people to focus on the clutter around you rather than on your words and ideas. Noise can be a problem, too, whether it is construction outside or a conversation at the next cubicle.

TIP: If your environment is too loud or messy, move to a conference room. A bare background isn’t a must, though. Interesting objects or designs could work in your favor by generating conversation.

HEAD OFF TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. One of the biggest gaffes is when technical issues prevent a person from joining a call. You don’t want to open the video-chat service only to find you need a software update. Fumbling the sign-in and joining late as a result, or missing a meeting completely, can make a person look unprepared or technologically inept.

TIP: Join a videoconference before the appointed time to troubleshoot any possible connection problems. And when the meeting is over, make sure you end the call.

“The worst mistake I have ever heard of is someone thinking the call was over,” Ms. Post says. “They didn’t hang up properly and ended up saying something disparaging about the call. It was awkward for people on both ends.”

ACT AT HOME AS YOU WOULD AT THE OFFICE. Many of us occasionally work from home, so it is worth remembering that the same rules apply. Still, breaches of video-call etiquette are common.

In the survey by Lab42, 7% of respondents said they had seen someone participate in a videoconference from bed, while 17% of Americans have seen an attendee’s pet make an appearance. More than 20% admit to wearing pajamas—though with a more professional-looking top.

TIP: Stay out of bed. Keep pets and children out of the picture. And get dressed.

Ms. French is a reporter for MarketWatch in San Francisco. She can be reached at