Join announces the launch of the moderator for JoinAudio, the audioconferencing service.

The moderator shows a wide range of new features and new capabilities:

  • New graphic
    • meeting table showing all participants
    • audio levels
    • recording with archive
    • file repository
  • Participant access
    • Possibility to register and fill their profile with picture
    • Personal file repository
    • Commands
  • Synchronization with mobile app
    • If host and participant have already registered themselves in the app their picture appears automatically
  • Security
    • All doors are in https
  • New features
    • The whole moderator is in html5
    • Using a webrtc browser both host and participant can access via browser
    • Graphic is responsive, the moderator can be used by mobile devices
    • A datasharing will be available soon

These new features joined with the new mobile app and the outlook plug in bring JoinAudio ahead of audioconference technology and offer a fully immersive experience for all users


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