The JOINPHONE switchboard allows you to innovate your communication system by exploiting the advantages of VoIP technology. The new JOINPHONE solution is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that need an advanced telephone switchboard, taking advantage of high-tech services and at the same time reducing telephone costs. JOINPHONE offers all the services that usually characterize very expensive solutions.

Landline Telephone Anywhere: your telephone extension can be installed wherever you want: an internet connection is sufficient, and your company extension is with you. Very convenient even for multi-site installations, just connect one extension to the internet of the Rome branch and the other to the Milan office network … And that’s it!

Abatement of Telecom fees: thanks to the transfer of VoIP numbers, the Telecom fee will be completely reduced.

Mobile interior via your mobile: VoIP technology and the now widespread Hsdpa 3G technology of the cellular network allow you to configure your mobile phone or tablet as an office telephone extension: you can make, receive and transfer calls as if you were in the company. The mobile device thus becomes a full-fledged office phone.

Multilevel IVR: the voice responder can accept incoming calls by offering a voice menu. Depending on the user’s choices (“press key 1 to …”, “press 2..”) calls will be directed to extensions, extension groups, other responders or voice mails.

Mailboxes with e-mail sending
includes a voice mail management system to create a company telephone answering machine and / or an answering system for occupied or unavailable extensions. Received messages can be listened to by telephone sets or sent to your mailbox as an attached voice file.

Video Call: it is possible to make Video calls (with phones and operators that support this technology) between local and remote extensions at ZERO cost.

Numbering and extension backups: the system provides two backup modes: the first for the geographic number (eg 02123456), the second for the absence of ADSL connectivity at the customer. In this case, the system will forward the calls addressed to each extension to the mobile number relative to that extension (backup number). If extension 44 is not available, the system forwards the call to the mobile number associated with it (if configured).

Virtual Fax Service: Electronic Fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes even outside your office. Thanks to the Fax2Mail system you will receive your faxes as a simple e-mail.

Trunk configuration: it consists of the configuration of 2 distinct JOINPHONE activations connected, however, between them. With this method the customer Rossi srl (with interiors assigned from 40 to 49) can transfer calls to Verdi snc (with extensions from 50 to 59) as if they were on a single switchboard (ideal for multi-office solutions).

Day / night” logics: allow calls to be differentiated according to the time and day of the week. Once the opening times have been defined, out-of-hours calls can be redirected to available voice mail or mobile phones.


Conference rooms: it integrates a conferencing system that allows incoming calls, outgoing calls or calls between the switchboard to flow into common conversations.


Groups / call queues: it is the incorporation of several extensions into a group (eg “Technicians” of which extensions 40-41-42 are part). For each group it is possible to set the ringing strategy, hold music and / or courtesy message. Forwarding strategies are also possible to transfer, for example, the call to a mobile phone after the extension has not answered within a defined period of time (eg 60 sec.)


 Enabling classes allows you to define the privileges of each individual extension or group of extensions. For example, some devices can be limited to the composition of only urban or national numbers, excluding calls to mobile phones. It is also possible to block, both incoming and outgoing, certain numbers (eg numbers and international calls

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