28 February 2013

VIDEOCONFERENCE: what are the real benefits for companies?

What are the real benefits of videoconferencing for business? How much money can a small company save, using videoconferencing? That’s what we are going to explore […]
24 February 2013
VIDEOCONFERENCE: the real benefits for companies

VIDEOCONFERENCE: how to prepare for a job interview

There has been a significant increase in the number of job interviews held via videoconferencing. Now job candidates, especially the ones applying for a job at […]
24 January 2013
Vidyo is the winner of 2013 Frost&Sullivan's Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award

Vidyo wins Frost & Sullivan’s award

Vidyo is the winner of 2013 Frost&Sullivan’s Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award regarding the Development of New Technologies, Leverage of New Technologies, Brand Perception, and Customer […]
24 September 2012
FAQ - Audio and video conferencing services

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers can now consult a list of the most frequently asked questions about audio and video conferencing services. You will find a lot of useful […]
18 July 2012
Pay-per-use videoconferencing services

Pay-per-use videoconferencing services

JOINVIDEO and JOINELITE cloud-based HD videoconferencing services are also available on a pay-per-use basis with per minute billing. Virtual conference rooms are open 24 hours a day, but you […]
24 June 2012
A new suite of conferencing services

JOIN CONFERENCING launches a suite of cloud conferencing services

Companies and professionals can now rely on the most advanced range of professional conferencing services in the cloud. No hardware to buy, both flat fee subscription […]