6 March 2015
videoconference for distance learning

How video conferencing is changing education

Nowadays education is rapidly evolving and changing in order to keep pace with technological advancements and emerging teaching practices. Video conferencing helps educators all over the […]
5 March 2015
Successful webcast streaming

Five important tips for a successful webcast

Webcast and Streaming are extremely effective tools for building customer relations, launching products and strengthening your brand. Knowing how to properly host one will help you […]
5 March 2015
video conferencing for hospitals

Video Conferencing for Healthcare: project guidelines

The information provided in this article is intended for hospitals interested in a cloud-based videoconferencing service that can facilitate and enhance the exchange and diffusion of […]
4 March 2015

The future of work: videoconferencing and collaboration are on the rise

Researchers reveal some of the main tech trends for the coming years. New technologies are continuously evolving. This process is first of all characterized by the […]
24 September 2014
Benefit from Webcasting and Streaming

VIDEOCONFERENCING will be preferred tool by managers in 2016

According to the recent “Global View: Business Video Conferencing Usage and Trends” survey, conducted byRedshift Research with participation of about 1,200 top executives from 12 countries, videoconferencing is increasingly […]
23 September 2014

Video Conferencing reduces stress among some hospitalized kids

August 2014 – According to a new study, the ability to videochat with family and friends might help relieve stress among some hospitalized kids. The “virtual […]